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Waev was founded in Melbourne Australia of Spring 2020 by two 19 year olds (Helena & Tom). We came up with the idea after being overseas in Greece competing at professional Tennis Tournaments when the lockdowns required us to quickly get back home to Australia where we ended up being in lockdown for 8 months, therefore not being able to travel and work on our goals of being full time professional tennis players and thus losing our income also due to not being able to compete and coach. One day while sitting In lockdown we started designing our own swim and sporting wear and brainstorming ideas we have on what we should call our new business. We have had a strong passion for healthy living, sustainability, fun and being limitless which we new we wanted to incorporate into our new adventure of starting a clothing business. Our name Waev was inspired by the ocean because just like life sometimes there will be smooth seas and other times rocky waters but we always will come back to the shore one way or another. This inspired us with the name wave which we then made our own twist to it with the different spelling, waev. 

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