Gaia Collection

We don’t like to just name our collections and pieces randomly. We try to find unique names that suit the style of the collection and a name that has history and a story behind it.
Gaia is a name the originates from a Greek god. Gaia (Gaea) was the Greek goddess of earth and mother of all life. Gaia was a very strong women who had the ability to create life without a spouse. She had a strong mind and stood up to things she believed were not right. Gaia was described as nourisher of young children and plants. Today Earth scientists still use the term “Gaia” to describe earth as a complex living organism. From our research on Gaia we chose this as our name for the collection as it symbolises women empowerment, care and love for the earth, people, and life. We find Gaia a very fitting name for this range as it is sustainable to Mother Earth. We are making it limited made to order so it is not like other fast fashion brands who have no care for the earth and environment. All things we at Waev are very passionate about and believe in strongly.

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